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Start a new career or upgrade your current list of services!

Interested in becoming certified in the Permanent Cosmetics & Beauty Industry? BLISS Academy now offers a variety courses through our online training portal so you can become certified right from the comfort of your own home, with the same comprehensive training and full support as our in-house students.


At $150 - $450 per new client *Based on 50 weeks*

  • $15,000 - $45,000


  • $30,000 - $90,000


  • $45,000 - $135,000



Our reputation has been built off the exceptional Health & Safety measures we implement and of course, creating the infamous "Bliss Experience" for our customers.

We are proud to be known for maintaining the highest quality standards and latest techniques in the permanent makeup industry.

We are dedicated to provide our students with the latest EXCLUSIVE artistry techniques and the necessary knowledge to create SUCCESSFUL businesses using the same principles & values that Bliss Cosmetics was built on.



Available In:

Canada - USA - Australia - New Zealand - United Kingdom - Coming Soon: Mexico & Spain

United Kingdom

Looking for the next Bliss Franchise Owners.

Applications now being accepted for UK Franchise and area.

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Why learn ONLINE with Bliss Academy?

  • Comprehensive training courses with live support from our instructors and a student community.

  • Convenience! Get fully certified from the comfort of your own home.

  • Learn at your own pace. From the date of purchase you have 3 months access to our courses.

Learn from the BEST.

Our reputation matters!

Becoming certified through the Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Academy means you are learning from Canada's top PMU artists and medical technicians in the industry. We share years of experience, knowledge and perfected techniques with you in our courses.




We understand this is an investment in your future.



What our students are saying...

Melissa S.

Dermaplaning Graduate

This is my first training course that I have attended in Medical Esthetics and I’m feeling confident in my newly acquired Dermaplaning skills. The Instructor was very thorough and very knowledgeable.

Shalon F.

Dermaplaning Graduate

Loved Learning the material for Dermaplaning and I feel confident in preforming this procedure on clients.

Orla F.

Microneedling Graduate

A beautiful safe space for learning with an incredible team. The instructor was exceptionally knowledgeable and patient. I would recommend upskilling and/or training for sure at Bliss.

Camryn N.

Dermaplaning Graduate

I was nervous about taking the Dermaplaning course but everyone at Bliss was so welcoming and made everything comfortable. When I look in the future to add more services I will be coming back to Bliss.

Courtney B.

Dermaplaning Graduate

The Instructor was very knowledgeable in the area. She took her time and explained every detail and step in the process. Bliss is very welcoming and I will definitely be taking more classes.

Kristin M.

BB Glow & Microneedling Graduate

Very Knowledgeable! The instructor was super personable, makes you feel comfortable in the learning environment and just a pleasant person. I can’t wait to expand by business with the BB Glow Treatment. I’m looking forward to taking future courses through Bliss.

Dallen H.

Microneedling Graduate

I feel comfortable taking my Microneedling training into my workplace and I also feel comfortable to ask any questions in the future if I have any.

Krista M.

BB Glow & Microneedling Graduate

This is my second training with Bliss Academy, the instructor was on hand and available for all questions that I had, she was thorough and very hands on. Great learning environment and friendly helpful staff.

Michelle W.

BB Glow Graduate

I feel very comfortable and confident offering these new services to my clients. Absolutely great atmosphere to learn in.


What our students most commonly ask!

  • Why train with Bliss?

    We have completed thousands of procedures in each field over the past 6 years, so we have ample hands-on experience to share and insider industry knowledge so you don’t have to make mistakes we’ve made. We have a passion for helping people feel more beautiful in their own skin though non-invasive procedures and want to share our passion with others looking to join this rewarding industry. Each course carefully designed so that our students feel knowledgeable and confident in their work. Bliss Academy is accredited and recognized to ensure student success while providing ongoing support through our online platform.

  • Why take online training rather than in person training?

    SAFE – with all the uncertainty of Covid-19, this is the easiest and safest way for our students to learn without additional stress. HASSLE FREE & CONVENIENT – you can access our courses from your home, office or anywhere with an Internet connection. COST-EFFECTIVE – train yourself and staff at once without traveling or additional costs. It is an innovative and comfortable way to learn. ZERO PRESSURE - train on your own time and at your own pace.

  • What do I do if I have a question or need help?

    All Bliss Academy training courses are specifically designed to be completed at your own pace. We have created a very thorough step-by-step approach where each module builds on the next. Therefore as you progress through a course you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need to move forward. Upon registration you will be added to our private online student community on Facebook to meet, ask questions and discuss with other students and our educators. Having said that, please feel free to email us at at anytime. We will respond to you within 1 business day. Please note: we don’t answer specific course questions to those who have not enrolled with us.

  • Is there a set of class times or can I do it on my own time?

    All of our Bliss Training Academy Courses are self-study and self-paced so you can study at your own pace and on our own time. All courses are created to be completed as quickly or slowly as you wish and fit into even the busiest schedules. Our courses are all pre-recorded so they are available for you at any time, you can also watch course videos as often as you’d like.

  • Can I start taking clients right away?

    By completing a Bliss Academy course you will have the skills to start taking clients as soon as you finish. In each and every one of our courses you will learn the highest level of standards in safety and sanitation to protect yourself and your clients as well as the skills to run a successful business. Ensure to check local rules and regulations, as it is the student’s responsibility to meet any additional requirements of their region. Please check with the salon owner or your local insurance broker for more information on ensuring you are covered for the procedure.

  • Who can take this course?

    All of your courses are created for those with little to no experience in the industry to those with vast experience looking to add a trendy new service. Our courses are a great side-hustle or a great addition to your current salon offerings. We do ask everyone who takes our courses to be pre-certified in Blood Born Pathogens, as you will be exposed to blood and bodily fluids in this industry.

  • How do I access the course once I have signed up?

    At the time of enrolment and payment, an online profile will be created for you with access to our online classroom. At this time you will create a personalized login so you can get started right away. Rest assured you can access the course at anytime and as many times as you wish and without losing your progress.

  • Do you offer financing?

    YES we understand cash flow can be in issue have partnered with IFinance to provide flexible options that fit any budget. Our students are also approved through local government initiatives, which can be applied for to cover the training if you currently own a salon. We also offer discounts to salons that register multiple students or those who purchase 3 or more courses. For more information on discounts or help applying for financing, please to reach out to us at

  • Why are your prices in US$?

    Bliss Permanent Cosmetics is an International Academy with students worldwide so US dollars are the most widely recognized and accepted currency. You can check the exchange rate for your local currency using an exchange rate website.

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